Cynclair SOC

Execute our mission with precision and accuracy.

Prioritising all facets of a professional SOC, including People, Process, and Technology.


Comprehensive training at all levels, focused on SOC talent retention.


Seamless SOC procedures cover Investigation, Incident Response, Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Recovery, Internal Auditing, and Case Management.


Prioritise automation for a fully automated SOC, utilising rule-based, behavior-based, and machine-learning detection for effective threat mitigation.

SOC Charter creation

Establishing clear objectives and purposes for the Security Operations Centre.

Understanding and prioritising potential adversaries.

Assessing regulatory, statutory, and industry- related standards and existing policies.

Gaining a full view of assets, accounts, networks, and environments that the SOC needs to protect.

Identifying specific services to be offered by the SOC.

Forming a governance body.

Expect nothing but the best from our SOC Charter

Building the SOC team based on the capabilities needed.

Building the process based on mission and goals.

Implement tech stack, upgrade tech stack, and further integration for more capability.

Take Control of Your Cybersecurity

Let us handle the chaos, and you focus on your business.